Phoenix Project Founders

A heartfelt thanks to our founders who provided invaluable funding for the Phoenix Project 

Dan Nackerman
Former Executive Director
Marin Housing Authority
Kerry Pierson
Advisory Member

Phoenix Project Sponsors

Phoenix Project Partners

Mike Daly Marin County Probation Officer
Michael Daly
Chief Probation Officer
County of Marin

“The Phoenix project has been an invaluable resource to the Probation Department. The case workers and our Probation Officers have worked together successfully so the lives of many men can be better. We appreciate the mutual trust and respect that has been developed over the years.”  

Jose Varela
Marin County
Public Defender

"Hope, action-driven progress, change and future dreams—all are part of the Phoenix Project process that helps individuals, who previously thought they were heading to the revolving door of court-involvement, develop life plans that has them employed, empowered and enthusiastic for what lies ahead for them. The public defenders of Marin County cherish our partnership with the Phoenix Project's staff because of their never-say-die dedication to our clients and our community".