Up from the fire and ashes a new spirit of love and hope will rise.

“We hear a lot about the bad, but there is a lot of good too.

“It’s about getting an opportunity and knowing someone is there to help.”

Felecia Gaston

Phoenix Project Director


"I had it in me to succeed.

I just needed that opportunity."

Shannon Bynum
Shannon Bynum

"Mentors would come in and tell us about their stories and help us along the way. It gave me motivation to grow and now I’m able to work and stay with it. Before I would move from job to job and I was not focused. Now I’m loyal to the job and put my best foot forward every time I am at work.”

“You get the assistance you need as long as you are prepared to put in the effort and apply yourself."

Orlando Wiggins
Orlando Wiggins

“I became a client of the Phoenix Project of Marin in 2012. The Phoenix Project helped me expunge my criminal record after a year of paperwork and more than 10 letters of recommendations from people in community. As a result, I was able to start a successful career teaching physical education”.

"The Phoenix Project Marin helped me get the tools to succeed in life."

Soloman Anderson
Soloman Anderson
Deli Manager

"The Phoenix Project helped me get my life, family and career back on track. They helped me get my California Drivers License reinstated, enroll in vocational training where I ended graduating from Fresh Start Catering Chef School. Their help didn't end there. After becoming a chef they helped me write a resume, look for work and get a job. I'm now a manager at Davey Jones Deli in Sausalito. I couldn't have done it without their support."

"The Phoenix Project Marin made me a better man and father.”

Alex Hoff
Alex Hoff
Maintenance Laborer

"In 2009 I was a young man with little or no chance of success. I was homeless and desperately trying to get a California Dirvers License and home for my infant daughter. The Phoenix Project helped me get a Drivers License and housing for my daughter and I. They helped me transition from a homeless man to a home owner – what more could a man ask for."

Our Mission

The Phoenix Project of Marin helps people in Marin work through their hardships and build on their strengths. Phoenix Project Marin promotes stability. PPM is the first response to community crisis while providing emergency support safety net services, and referrals to the appropriate agencies.  PPM guides at-risk Marin City residents to develop personal, social, and economic skills, in order to navigate the world around them. 



The Phoenix Project of Marin is a collaborative community program that provides integrated mentoring and training services for at-risk young males and adults through its Community Connections Center in Marin City.


The organization was formed in 2009 in response to a crime surge in Marin City with the goal of providing needed guidance and resources to Marin City’s male population to realize new opportunities and make healthier choices.


Since opening the doors in 2009, hundreds of people have completed intake applications and the employment program. The employment program continues to expand as participants successfully transition from at-risk behavior, to steady employment. Job retention is increasing from an average of two years minimum. The program has worked closely with the Marin Community Court and Legal Aid, helping people receive driver's licenses who have never had them or whose licenses have been suspended for years with little hope of being reinstated. Students in our education program are excelling in school, attending community college and some will soon be transferring to a four-year college.


The Phoenix Project received an “Innovation Award” in 2011 from HUD as an innovative program to assist at-risk youth in better integrating into the community In order to achieve their potential. Phoenix is a truly unique public-private partnership - a model


The Phoenix Project is operated by Performing Stars's staff in partnership with Marin County Law Enforcement Agencies:

the Probation & Sheriff's Departments, the District Attorney and Public Defender's Offices, along with the Conservation Corp Northbay and the Marin City Community Services District & Community Development Corporation.

Our Services

Vocational & Educational Support

Vocational & Educational Support

  • Pre-employment training

  • Enrichment activities

  • Life skills classes

  • Outreach Worker Case Management

  • Workforce Readiness & Job Placements 

Legal Services

Legal Services

  • Court advocacy

  • Legal referrals

  • Judicial Advocacy

Counseling & Therapy

Counseling & Therapy

  • Anger management

  • Crisis intervention

Other Services

Other Services

  • California drivers license program

  • Information & Resource Referrals

  • Access to Emergency Support Funds

  • Social Service Navigation Support

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Meet The Team

Federico Cortez

Operations & Administration Coordinator


Michael Williams

Outreach Worker/Case Manager

Felecia Gaston

Felecia Gaston

Project Director

Every client is assigned a case manager who meets with their client regularly and helps them achieve their personal goals. Many of our case managers share similar backgrounds as with our clients and are able to gain the trust of their client. Our clients appreciate their case managers guidance because of their genuine understanding and respect. 

Kevin Smith 

Outreach Worker/Case Manager

Kenneth Wayne Price

Outreach Worker/Case Manager

Homer Hall

Outreach Worker/Case Manager 



The Phoenix Project operates out of a public housing office in a space donated by Marin Housing Autnority in the “200 Block” of Golden Gate Village.

Address and Hours

The Phoenix Project Marin
271 Drake Avenue
Marin City, CA 94965
Monday thru Friday

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM